Experiences in Marrakech - Tailor made tours

Tailor made tours

Tailor made tours

Far from the classical organized formulas, our belief is that the visitor in Morocco, and especially that of southern Morocco, deserves to experience the different and unusual. Going towards the local population, to share its meals, enjoy its tea, understand its daily, you will receive the warm welcome and emblematic hospitality of southern Morocco.

Whatever your stay or your tour, we're offering a network of professional partners in all areas (all of our partners are selected for reasons of environmental protection and sustainable development in Morocco).

  • beautiful traditional accommodation
  • unique or unusual services
  • charming hotels, kasbah, bivouacs and authentic riads,
  • tourism vehicles or 4WD, with or without driver,
  • hiking, camel or mule trek in the most beautiful sites in the south,
  • visits to fabulous places, off-road standard : restored kasbah, Ighrem (granaries) traditional houses, walks in the most beautiful palm groves and oases of the south
  • a guaranteed logistic / supply.


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