The riad

Riad Marhbabikoum Marrakech

Riad Marhbabikoum Marrakech

Marhbabikoum is a guests house riad in the heart of   Marrakesh medina. It is very well located in an 

old and historical area known for its palaces, museums and souks. Marhbabikoum means “welcome” 

and it is meaningful for us. Our main concern is to make everybody feel at home in our ryad, 

experience the family-like atmosphere and have an authentic highlight of Morocco. 

Have a look at that small film to visit the riad :



The ground floor of the riad is kept as common areas : 2 living-rooms, a courtyard, fireplace, music, 

television, and dining-room. On the roof terrace, you will find many places to stay if you wish to relax 

: like a garden, green terrace with areas of rest; sofas, carpets, and on the sun bathed rooftop, 

deckchairs with the view over the medina  and the High Atlas mountains. 

The owners , Veronique & khalil are a French-Moroccan family, always there, especially at dinner and 

breakfast time, in order to share good addresses, help the guests  finding their way through the old 

city’s busy streets or simply give practical advices. The food is home-made, we love to prepare 

traditional Moroccan dishes, using local products, and you can have a cooking lesson with our “chef” 

Fatiha, preparing your own couscous or tajine, Moroccan salads, pastilla, local pancakes, breads. You 

can even take or bring the bread to and from the public bakery. We have the Green key label since 

2012, and this means a lot for us. Our environmental impact is important and we share this concern 

with our guests and the people who work with us.


What is a Riad ?

    A riad is a Moroccan traditional house of the medina, where lived  aristocratic families 

such as advisors, courtiers and rich merchants. Built around an arcaded courtyard, the centre 

of the house is decorated by a fountain and / or a small garden with fruit trees such as lemon, 

orange or even banana . These traditional houses are generally paved with zellij whereas the 

walls are made of stucco, Tadllakt and carved cedar wood. A real magnificence ! So many 

riads have become B&Bs over the two past decades that the word  riad has become a 

synonym for guest house. The style of the riads has changed over the years, but the basic form 

is still used in designs today. Recently there has been a surge in interest in this form of house 

with a wave of  renovation in towns such as Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and Essaouira. Many of 

these buildings have been restored as hotels, restaurants or museums.

Your Hosts

Khalil, official guide, and Veronique have been married since 2001 and settled in this riad to receive guests in a warm family atmosphere. We enjoy every day being with our clients, especially at breakfast time, in order to exchange, discuss current events, advise them on visits to the best places to discover. "

Blending Moroccan and European culture, Véronique and Khalil combine their knowledge of the country, particularly Marrakesh and the South, to their understanding of expectations of a Western audience that seeks to better understand a culture and population, and not only willing to watch.


Khalil NACIRI, experienced official tour guide, is a specialist in southern Morocco where he comes from and where he is now known as the White Wolf

He is from Zagora and is fluent in Arabic, classical and colloquial, English, Spanish and French.

He has several years experience in guiding groups of European or Anglo-Saxon in all of Morocco.


Veronique lives in Marrakesh, she learned Arabic to better understand her new country, where she has already lived as a child.

She speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian and can advise you in your choice of trip or stay depending on what you are looking for.

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