Tour Guide - Visiting Marrakesh

Visiting Marrakesh

Visiting Marrakesh

Special Discovery of the Medina in small steps !

Tours, step by step, by area.

Why not discover more deeply the medina of Marrakesh ?
Want to know the neighborhoods in which you dare not go alone, learn about the culture, customs, the architecture of Marrakesh ?
Want to know more but do not know where to find a good tour guide ?

I put together for you a customized program !

On a small morning from 9:00am to 12:00am, a cultural tour, guided by a national tour guide, speaking perfect English,
You choose an area of the medina of Marrakesh or a topic. The guide provides explanations of the architecture, culture, customs, history and geography, religion and its practice, according to the desires of the group and questions of course.

We offer :

  • Discover deeper the area of the palaces, and Riad Zitoune.
  • Venture into the Mellah (Jewish area) and the Kasbah.
  • Crafts sector by sector, the organization of the souks and foundouks.
  • The mouassine district and zaouïa of Sidi Bel Abbes.
  • The foundouks, the new museums area, the slaves square and the spices square.
  • The gardens of Medina, Jemma El Fna and Derb Dabachi.
  • Bab doukkala, bab Laksour, Riad Laarous.
  • Tanners, Bab el Khemis and the old madrasa.

Special other wishes:

you want to get a private introduction to oud - luth,

you want to learn how to prepare a specific moroccan dish,

you wish to learn some moroccan special artcraft, please request!

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